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Aurora: The most disruptive Intelligence software...ever.

The Solution is Aurora. Here's why.

Flexible & Extensible 

Aurora thrives on contextualization by allowing one Application to inform another. Aurora eliminates the costs of having multiple software packages with separate data streams. Our unified data collection combines traditional open-source data with non-traditional sources, resulting in enhanced connectivity and contextualization.

Aurora Analytic Environment

The Aurora Analytic Environment (A2E) integrates many Open Source software efforts (e.g., Python, Numpy, SpaCy, Pandas, Jupyter, etc.) with proprietary software (e.g., Artificial Intelligence) and Global Collection Network (GCN) sources. It is the core environment for processing and analysis in AURORA. It includes core competencies for: Data Science Analysis, Spatio-Temporal Analysis (when and where), Graph Theory Analysis (relationships), 2D and 3D Graphics (visuals), Structured Data processing (email, chat, etc.), Unstructured Data processing (images, text, etc.), Natural Language Processing (concepts), Organic Learning Capabilities (what does it mean), etc.

All information in Aurora relates to each other. This creates an information universe for all information collected or collected for a specific use case. The information universe can be explored by the user to discover new information or relationships and create workflows for reports and animations. Aurora's Contextual Gravity determines which entities, ideas, or things are likely to be more significantly related and thus more meaningful to observe, based on their relative similarities.

Everything-as-Code (EaC)

Aurora uses Everything as Code to leverage the most cost-effective components and services across multiple Cloud Service providers and other service providers. This improves efficiency while maximizing performance. This essentially commoditizes all infrastructure and services down to a simple set of rules defining security, cost, performance, and reliability. Security-as-Code and Workflow-as-code included.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Built for supporting any current database collection, Aurora is ready for deployment as an API, or as Software-as-a-Service platform. Contact us to learn more.

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