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Introducing Aurora: GeoCanvass®

Your New Interactive Map for Geospatial Intelligence

Imagine being in charge of a canvassing operation. Perhaps you’re a law enforcement professional in charge of an investigation into a local crime, and looking for potential witnesses to question regarding noteworthy activity in the area. Or perhaps you're a campaign manager working the weeks leading up to an election, and looking to get the word out on your candidate’s message. You might even be a nonprofit volunteer, hoping to solicit donations directly from individuals sympathetic to your organization’s cause.

Aurora: GeoCanvass® program is the answer. Built as a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solution to very human problems, Aurora: GeoCanvass® serves as your eyes on the ground – and it covers an awful lot of ground.

The key to how Aurora: GeoCanvass® works? The prevalence of mobile devices.

Target Your Communications

A research report published by Wipro suggests that 80% of all data maintained by organizations has a location component. GIS-based tools help in drawing insights from demographic data, which reveals the relationship between location and people.Ashna Kumar, Geospatial World

By passively observing the geolocation metadata derived from smartphone device activity, Aurora: GeoCanvass® builds an evolving map of an area of interest that tracks who’s been passing through, when, and how frequently – which also allows the program to determine who’s likely to return to that area. By providing users with a bird’s eye view into patterns of foot traffic in a given location, Aurora: GeoCanvass® can help you target your communication efforts.

Whether your ultimate goal is political campaigning, corporate marketing, or advancing a criminal investigation, using Aurora: GeoCanvass® allows you to drastically cut down on the amount of time you might otherwise spend on direct communications.

Rather than forcing you to go door to door and knocking at everyone’s house, Aurora: GeoCanvass® invites you to conserve time and energy by letting it do the hard work of determining who’s actually worth talking to for your specific purposes.

Take the following example: to prove the efficacy of Aurora: GeoCanvass®, let’s review how it applies to a nearby car dealership in northern Virginia. The questions were simple:

  • Who came through the car lot?

  • Where else in the area did these individuals go?

  • Where did they come from?

Not only did asking these questions provide insight into where advertising campaigns might be most effective – it also allowed us to look into whether potential buyers were also visiting local competitors.

Our findings ultimately showed that about six percent of individuals who visited this car dealership also visited another car dealership within the same area. Pattern-of-life analysis further indicated specific areas that were constantly sites of high foot traffic for those who were visiting car dealerships – indicating that those areas would likely be the best locations to place advertisements.

Streamline Your Sales and Marketing Strategy

Aurora: GeoCanvass® has the capacity to pay tremendous dividends for business owners. As illustrated above, Aurora: GeoCanvass® findings have direct implications for where sales and marketing efforts are most valuable. If you want to know who’s likely to buy your product – not to mention where you can find the highest levels of foot traffic from your target demographic for ad campaigns – Aurora: GeoCanvass® has the answers. Ultimately, this will save you time and money while boosting overall profits.

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